About us

Anja Beran

My principal aim in life is to ensure that classical equestrianism, which has come to mean so much to me, gains more followers and meets with greater appreciation. It is my great wish that many riders should become genuinely enthusiastic about classical equestrianism in its original and fundamental sense. (Anja Beran)


This wish led to the establishment of the Anja Beran Foundation in 2009. The objectives and missions of the Anja Beran Foundation are implemented by Anja Beran and her team at Gut Rosenhof. The Anja Beran Foundation is a non-profit making foundation having legal capacity under civil law.  



The Founder

True human goodness, in all its purity and freedom, can come to the fore only when its recipient has no power. Mankind's true moral test, its fundamental test (which lies deeply buried from view), consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals. And in this respect mankind has suffered a fundamental debacle, a debacle so fundamental that all others stem from it."
Milan Kundera, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”

Ellen Beran, née Steib, was born in Nuremberg in 1938. Her father, Josef Steib, was the owner of Steib Metallbau, a company which made side-cars for motorbikes and later produced agricultural machinery. Ellen Beran worked in the administration department of her father's company for 12 years before opening her own jeans business under the name "Western Store", which initially had locations in Nuremberg, Düsseldorf and Wurzburg. Your husband Dieter A. Beran, who for many years was Managing Director of Wrangler Deutschland and Pioneer and member of the Supervisory Board of Ahlers AG, expanded this company continuously and very successfully into "Mister*Lady Jeans". After 44 years Dieter Beran, who had reached retirement age, was able to sell the company with over 260 branches and 1630 employees to the Swiss investment group OPCON AG in the year 2010, and this without any employee losing their job.
For a number of decades Ellen Beran was a very enthusiastic rider who not only loves horses but also has a deep affinity with animals of all kinds and feels very close to nature. It is thus a logical step that, by means of setting up this foundation, she and her husband would like to make an active contribution to animal welfare and protection of nature whilst at the same time guaranteeing the continuation of the valuable work of her daughter, Anja Beran, by providing a sustainable financial basis in the form of the Anja Beran Foundation.